Privacy Policy

The club takes the privacy of members seriously, and takes measures to ensure that details of members are kept secure.


Sharing of information

Membership information is stored for the club on a shared cloud file, with access by the membership secretary, and president of the club.  Some information is also self administered by members on the LTA website. The club president has access to this. This is occasionally backed up and saved for records in a password protected document.

Information is limited to: Name, Address, Phone / email, membership type, payment status, news option/out choices, LTA membership number, Club membership number.

Sharing of individual information may take place between the club and the following people on an ad hoc, and specific member basis.

  1. Members details are shared to coaches to ensure that people attending coaching are members of the club if required to be. This is limited to name only.
  2. Adult members details are passed to team captains on a case by case basis should captains need to contact members.
  3. LTA data is passed to the committee member responsible for the Wimbledon draw to establish a list of members who have / have not opted in to the draw.


Details stored on the lists above may be requested to view by the member, individual, or a parent / guardian in the case of a junior / under 18 by contacting the president.